Is SolutionView a CRM?

Short answer: no, it is not a CRM! SolutionView is an in-the-field sales app that should be used by anyone at a contracting company who comes into contact with a homeowner. The app integrates with many relationship management systems.

What sets SolutionView apart from a CRM or other proposal generators, is that it follows a proven sales approach. This educates the homeowner and helps them choose their perfect project. The software also presents the homeowner with options, empowering them to make an informed decision. In fact, with the app, you don’t have to worry about if the homeowner will buy. Instead, it's a matter of what option will they choose? Additionally, a salesperson can result the appointment in the app and the information will update in a CRM with an integration in place.

SolutionView is also commonly used among service techs to super-serve homeowners. Oftentimes, there are no CRM options to help service techs in generating revenue for the company. SolutionView provides a service team with the right messaging, including questions to ask a homeowner that could uncover an new sales opportunity.

Many contractors use a CRM to manage their customer relationships back at the office. SolutionView is an app that contractors use with a homeowner at any type of appointment.

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