As a contractor, you just know when your tools are designed and built by people who actually use them.

You don’t have to fight them; they just work—the same way, every time. The same goes for sales software. You want something that will simplify and standardize the appointment, so every customer has a positive experience—the same way, every time.

Let’s take a quick look at the features that make SolutionView the better choice for your company.

new project with solutionview

For the Sales/Service Rep

  • Homeowner Education – SolutionView helps walk the customer through the causes of their problems, so they can understand why you’re recommending the full suite of solutions your company offers.
  • Automated Cue Cards – Triggered automatically by responses to the inspection list, prompting the sales rep to investigate further.
  • Findings and Presentation – Once the inspection is complete, the findings specific to that customer’s home are presented along with a video showing the recommended solutions.
  • Tiered Options and Right-Sizing – SolutionView provides three tiered options for the homeowner and right-sizes the project with our one-of-a-kind options page featuring real-time pricing adjustments.
  • Proposal and Payment – After the presentation, the homeowner is presented with a professional branded proposal and payment can be taken.
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