About SolutionView

SolutionView can trace its origins all the way back to 1975, when a young Greg and Nancy Thrasher began operating a basement waterproofing company from their rural western Iowa farmhouse. Over the next four decades, their company, Thrasher, would grow to become one of the largest foundation and concrete repair companies in the United States—large enough that a second company, Supportworks, Inc., was created to manufacture the products they sold.

Supportworks would eventually develop a network of more than 130 foundation and concrete repair dealers across North America, South Africa, and Australia. In addition to manufacturing and distributing products for their dealer network, Supportworks, Inc. also offered consulting, training and, crucially, sales software produced by its dedicated in-house development team.

This software, called SolutionView, became so critical to the success of its dealers, Supportworks quickly realized that it could scale to benefit other home-service contracting industries.

With that notion, SolutionView transformed from a sales presentation platform developed for and available only to Supportworks dealers to a full-blown software company focused on creating intuitive applications for a broad range of home-service contracting industries.

So, you can see why SolutionView just works right. That’s because we’re contractors at heart, and we develop our solutions by listening to the contractors we serve.

But don't take our word for it...

Our Team

We are here to create a vision of what could be possible for 

your sales teams and then prove that it actually can be.

We have to redefine the industry.

David Slobotski

Director of Sales

JoshAnstey 500x323

Joshua Anstey

Product Manager

Clay Wiese

UX/UI Designer


John Matthews, Ph.D.

Director of Technology


Kurtis Kammerer

Senior Director of Sales & Business Development

Jeff Peters

Sales Coach